Company Principles

We want today’s generation to come out of the closet

If you think that you have grown up in a family where you know exactly what was happening behind your parent’s closed bedroom doors but each time you tried to successfully feign ignorance. Now so many years hence now when you think you want to experiment with your sexuality you do not want to behave like you do not know what you want.

Seeking pleasure is your right

Being able to reach orgasmic heights in a sexual intercourse with a man or being able to wield high tech instruments such as vibrators and dildos is something that the previous generation may have never imagined that someone could do.

Log on to our online store

Our online store is a paradise for those who like fantasy. The choice of sex toys is amazing and the prices are more so unbelievable. We have the best quality products that meet the industry standards and at the most competitive of prices. There is always a price match policy at our store. So, if you can prove that there is a store selling the same thing at lower prices than us, we will match the price.

Referral and loyalty programs

We are so sure that once you realize how good we are you will be hooked to us for life. In case there is something that you desire and it is not available with us then we undertake to search and source it out for you and that is a promise!

There is a referral program where for every two friends that you introduce to our store you get a discount for your next order.

Every purchase will also add loyalty points to your account and they can redeem as cash at the end of the season or the year however you deem it fit.