Why The Indian Market For Sex Toys Is Opening Up

The Indian take on sex

From time immemorial, Hinduism as a religion was extremely liberal in its viewpoint on sex. Promiscuity was never looked down upon. Women were dedicated to temples and men from all walks of life were freely allowed to mingle with them and have sexual intercourse with them.

Gods and Goddesses were also sculpted in such a way that they were shown to make love and in compromising poses too. Hinduism even believed that love making was a path of devotion and one could reach the Param Atma (God) or the almighty if he took his way through performing sex.

Then what brought the change?

It was toughly for a period of thousand years that Muslim invaders came and ruled the Indian subcontinent.

The Muslim rulers who were from the middle-east area all believed that sex and the actual of sexual pleasure can be puritanically enjoyed only for the cause of procreation and not for recreation.Therefore, it was during this period in the Indian subcontinent that strong opinion about the sexual permissibility and the extent to which the society could tolerate free sex and the decency standards were set up.

The Mughal rulers of that time believed in the prudish concept that having sex outside marriage was considered the evilest form of crime and equated it to a sin that can be atoned only with one’s death.

And then the British ruled over for more than two hundred years:

When the British ruled over the sub continent they also brought along with them prudish laws which prohibited a lot of medieval. Systems like the adoption of women by the temples euphemistically called the Devadasi system and also came down heavily on premarital sex and child marriages. However, with the influx of education and the permeation of the educated class in the society, the virtue of sex only after marriage is extolled.

In the twenty-first century

Today, women folk are working and becoming more independent than before primarily because of having their foothold in the society by virtue of higher education. Marriageable age is now being pushed to the late twenties or the early thirties. But of course it is difficult to stay virtuous for such a long period of time and until marriage and so a lot of women try to satisfy them by giving in to their sexual orgy and fantasies.

They buy sex toys like dildo which are replicas of male penises and try to have a one some masturbatory session. Sometimes, they also have one night stands and flings when they try to experiment with some new toy to rise to a newer high.

The condition in India

The Indian subcontinent has been the worst welcoming of the fact that as adults every person has a right to do what they want. The society in the garb of cultural values and mores has always fettered the people to do and say only things that are morally and politically correct. Sighting things such as societal mores and cultural values the Indian society talks about sex and sexual content as if it is a taboo only to be talked in hushed tones and that too behind the bedroom doors.

Any stray mention of the word sex can send adults in frenzy and their children ask a hundred questions about it. And that is why the idea of freely available Adult Products India that are not only suggestive in looks but also can come with cheap and explicit packaging can make the Indian society cringe.

But times are changing

Men and women alike are now going an extra mile in order to redeem their right to have total pleasure. They live the fact that whether they are alone and experimenting or they are with their partners, they know that nothing less than an orgasm will do. they will not compromise anymore!